Manufacturing & Industrial

Agricultural Chemicals
Address: Private Mail Bag, LAMI, FIJI
Tel: 3361499 Fax: 3361307

British American Tabacco
Manufacture, processing and distribution of cigarette products
Address: GPO Box 560, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3381144 Fax: 3370080

BOC Gases Fiji Ltd
Manufacturers & importers of industrial, scientific and medical gases; retailers of industrial welding products and associated equipment and consumables
Address: GPO Box 687, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3361011 Fax: 3361378

Biscuit Company of Fiji
Manufacturer - Flour milling, Biscuit making, Poly-propylene bag manufacturer
Address: PO Box 977, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3301188 Fax: 3300944

Coca Cola Amatil
Manufacturer - Production, Warehousing, Distribution, Sales of carbonated soft drinks
Address: Private Mail Bag, Nabua, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3394333 Fax: 3394406

Colgate Palmolive (Fiji)Limited
Address: PO Box 1195, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel:3361390, Fax: 3361807

SCA Hygiene Australasia
Manufacture and supply of Hygiene products
Address: GPO Box 427, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3410011, Fax: 3410808

 SCA Hygiene Australasis Pty Ltd
Manufacturer - Toilet paper, tissue paper, carbage bags, freezer bags, and diapers
Address: PO Box 427, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3410011 Fax: 3410808

Paradise Beverages
Manufacturer - Brewing & marketing of Fiji Beer
Address: PO Box 696, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3315811 Fax: 3300408

Danam (Fiji) Limited
Apparel Manufacturer
P.O.Box 1074, Lautoka, Fiji Islands
Tel: 6665248, Fax: 6665224

Elliot Pacific Limited
Manufacturer of Safety Apparels/Garments
Address: PO Box 855, Rakiraki, Fiji Islands
Tel: 6694419 Fax: 6694781

Fiji Industries Ltd
Manufacturer - Cement and Lime manufacture and sales
Address: PO Box 1165, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3311433 Fax: 3300878

Goodman Fielder (Fiji) Ltd
Manufacturer - Poultry growing-processing-marketing
Address: Private Mail Bag No 30, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3387066 Fax: 3387117

Image Label Systems (Fiji) Ltd
Droga Trims and label manufacturing and distribution
Address: PO Box 2235, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3387411 Fax: 3387270

Koppers Arch Wood Protection Fiji Ltd
Manufacturers & distribute chemicals in the timber industry
Address: Nava St. PO Box 4735, Lautoka, Fiji Islands
Tel: 6662237 Fax: 6664601

Mokosoi Products (Fiji) Limited
Manufacturer - Management Consultants/ Manufacturer of 100% pure Fiji Coconut Oil Soap, air mail and commercial exports
Address: GPO Box 55, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3361555 Fax: 3361871

Midlink Marketing Ltd
Address: PO Box 12944, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3382300 Fax: 3370104

Mark One Apparel
Manufacturer - Apparel Manufacture
Address: PO Box 10015, Nabua, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3394011 Fax: 3396400

Nestle Trading (Fiji) Limited
Manufacturers of snack foods
Address: PO Box 3042, Lami, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3362113 Fax: 3361166

Orica Coating
Manufacturing, wholesale, retail of paints, varnishes and related products
Address: PO Box 3037, Lami, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3361622 Fax: 3361094

 Pacific Coatings Limited - Dulux Fiji
Paint manufacturing
P.O.Box 3037, Lami, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3361622, Fax: 3361094
Pacific Manufacturers Limited
Manufacturers of Hibiscus Safety Matches
P.O.Box 8215, Nakasi, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3411715, Fax: 3410525
Paradise Garments Ltd
Garment mfg
Address: GPO Box 258, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3312888 Fax: 3300341
Fiji Dairy Ltd
Manufacturers and whole salers of dairy products
Address: PO Box 3678, Samabula, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3381288 Fax: 3370190

Ranjit Garments Ltd
Garment manufacturer and exporter
Address: PO Box 12246, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3385088 Fax: 3370163

Ram Sami & Sons Limited
Poultry farmers and feed millers
Address: PO Box 2446, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3395544 Fax: 3340755

Tubemakers and Roofmart (Sp) Limited
Manufacturing of UPVC pipes, Galvanized pipes,roofing iron, pvc fittings etc
P.O.Box 4336, Lautoka, Fiji Islands
Tel: 6669655, Fax: 6664024

United Apparel (Fiji) Ltd
Garment manufacturers and exporters
Address: PO Box 12426, 128 Rodwell Rd, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3394855 Fax: 3394620

Foods Pacific Limited
Manufacturer,Wholesale and Retails of canned food products
P.O.Box 182, Suva, Fiji Islands
Tel: 3362682, Fax: 3361155

Freudenberg Pty Limited
Supply of Interlinings to the Fiji Garment Manufacturing Industry
Address: P.O. Box 6460, Valelevu, Fiji Islands
Tel: 9926247, Fax: 3375080


Natural Waters of Viti Limited (Fiji Water)
Address: P.O.Box 36, Suva, Fiji Islands
Telephone: 9908 714