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While formalising the collaboration on 17 June 2019, Ms Lisa Apted, President of the FABC, commented that the assistance to students in the form of scholarships has immense potential to increase capacity building in Fiji through the ability of students, who may not be able to afford this educational pursuit, the ability to attend. The FABC recognises the need for skilled workers in Fiji and applauds the efforts being made by APTC to address this situation as a core element of business relationships and trade promotion that FABC supports relates to manufacturing in Fiji and the manufacturing sector is suffering a concerning shortage of skilled and capable workers. Education is a critical element of improving lives and development so in this regard FABC is also very pleased to assist. FABC is focussed on growing business relationships and trade between Fiji and Australia, and is proud to be associated with provision of scholarships to nine students to attend the extensive programmes provided by APTC.